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Injector Removal Tips

We see quite a few mechanical injector cores come back with damage from improper removal. We realize that many of you do not have the correct tools for removal. However, there are simple ways to remove the injectors without damage. If the hole type injectors on your engine are installed at an angle, then the… Read more »

Rotary Pump Priming Problems

Stanadyne DBO injection pump

Injection pump priming information for Stanadyne and Delphi (CAV, Lucas) pumps. We receive a number of troubleshooting calls from people that have just installed a rebuilt pump, but can’t get fuel to the injectors. Most of the problems occur due to creating an airlock inside the injection pump. The high pressure portion of the injection… Read more »

Gas Injector Service

Gas Injector Ultrasonic Cleaning and Testing

Gas Injector Test, Clean and Retest Oregon Fuel Injection has been flow bench testing, cleaning and resealing gas injectors since the early 1990s. Recently, we replaced our original ASNU gas injector test bench with the latest ASNU Classic GDI test bench. The newest test bench enables us to service GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) injectors as… Read more »

A failing fuel pressure relief valve

97371618 Fuel pressure relief valve Duramax LBZ & LMM, also Dodge Ram Cummins 6.7 07.5-16

A story of a failing rail pressure relief valve I was towing my boat to the coast for a fishing trip. The engine was running good, until I was on an uphill passing lane going around slower traffic. By the end of the passing lane, I had lost power and was down to 50 mph…. Read more »

Quality Rebuilt Versus New Injectors

Mechanical diesel fuel injectors

  Make the correct choice when you purchase injectors for your diesel engine. There are many injectors on the market today for diesel engines, some are new and some are rebuilt. Many people think new are better than remanufactured, however the correct answer is it depends. If they are not Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM), then… Read more »

Pump and Injector Testing Videos

Bosch EPS 205 CR Injector Test Stand

In case you missed the recent videos about testing common rail pumps and injectors, we have attached them here. Common Rail Injector Testing The first video showed testing common rail injectors on the Bosch EPS205 injector test bench. This Bosch authorized test bench checks pilot injection, which is something a lot of aftermarket test benches… Read more »

Delphi DP210 and DP310 Testing and timing

Delphi DP210 and DP310 Testing and setting pump to engine timing

Testing and timing the Delphi DP210 and DP310 injection pumps requires Delphi Hartridge test equipment. The drive shaft has a keyway, but they do not use a key, the pump is locked in time on the test stand. Oregon Fuel Injection, is factory authorized by Delphi, and we use the Hartridge AVMPC-2 test stand. The… Read more »

Getting the Right Part the First Time

Bosch Nameplate VP44 Pump

Automotive Light Duty Diesel Applications To supply you with the right part the first time we use many tools. For automotive, light duty diesel we use application guides for selecting the correct part based on model year. There could be mid-year engine build breaks that we must know to determine the correct part. Vehicle manufactures… Read more »

Common Turbo Failures; determine the cause

Cutaway of a turbocharger

Determining the cause of turbo failures is important to keep the failure from reoccurring. We often disassemble turbochargers to determine why they failed. Once a turbo is disassembled and components are inspected it is easy to determine a cause. Turbochargers for most diesel applications rotate up to 150,000 rpm or higher, some applications may rotate… Read more »

Biodiesel; what happens when old fuel breaks down

Old bio-diesel, fuel system not flushed and cleaned enough

There have been a number of studies about biodiesel and how it degrades over time. Most biodiesel blends, B5 or B20, that we see in Oregon are a FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester). We have found biodiesel will often degrade enough in 1 year to cause fuel system damage. This is faster than the laboratory… Read more »

Injector Quantity Adjustment Codes or IQA

Injector Quantity Adjustment code

IQA Codes are entered into the ECM to improve control of the injected fuel quantity. The code applies over the entire programmed fuel map. The classification codes compensate for deviations in metered amounts, and make fuel quantity metering more precise. The adjustment codes also increase injector efficiency on the engine and improve emissions. Various engine… Read more »

CP3 Pump and Common Rail Injector Testing

Bosch EPS 205 CR Injector Test Stand

Common Rail Injector and Bosch CP3 Pump Testing Oregon Fuel Injection is a factory authorized service dealer, by Bosch, for Common Rail Injection Pump repair and testing and common rail injector testing. Bosch CP3 high pressure injection pumps and common rail injectors are tested to the OEM specification. We test pumps and injectors from the… Read more »

A case for NOT “deleting” your truck

Why should you keep your emissions equipment intact? Well, let’s just get this out of the way right now. It’s illegal to remove it. Yes, it can be done and there are thousands of trucks on the road today that have had all emissions disabled or removed with seemingly no repercussions.  There is, however, several… Read more »