Pump and Injector Testing Videos

Bosch EPS 205 CR Injector Test Stand

In case you missed the recent videos about testing common rail pumps and injectors, we have attached them here.

Testing Common Rail Injectors on the Bosch EPS205 Test Bench

Common Rail Injector Testing

The first video showed testing common rail injectors on the Bosch EPS205 injector test bench. This Bosch authorized test bench checks pilot injection, which is something a lot of aftermarket test benches do not test. Pilot injection is what helps the engine run quieter at idle. You can find more information on testing injectors here.

Common Rail CP3 Pump Testing

The second video we published recently shows testing for a Bosch CP3 pump. The most common applications are the Dodge Ram Cummins and Chevrolet Duramax. However, many manufactures, including Case, Cummins, Case IH, Deutz, New Holland, Iveco, Mitsubishi, Jeep, Sprinter, Mercedes, Doosan, Komatsu and more. You can find more information on testing mechanical injection pumps, such as the VP44, on this page.

Testing Bosch CP3 pumps on the EPS815 Test Bench

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