Biodiesel; what happens when old fuel breaks down

Old bio-diesel, fuel system incompletely cleaned

There have been a number of studies about biodiesel and how it degrades over time. Most biodiesel blends, B5 or B20, that we see in Oregon are a FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester). We have found biodiesel will often degrade enough in 1 year to cause fuel system damage. This is faster than the laboratory… Read more »

Injector Quantity Adjustment Codes or IQA

Injector Quantity Adjustment

IQA Codes are entered into the ECM to improve control of the injected fuel quantity. The code applies over the entire programmed fuel map. The classification codes compensate for deviations in metered amounts, and make fuel quantity metering more precise. The adjustment codes also increase injector efficiency on the engine and improve emissions. Various engine… Read more »

Rail Pressure Sensor, Don’t Replace the Messenger

Diesel Rail Pressure Sensor

 The high pressure pump creates high pressure at low volume. Depending on the system, it is up to the high pressure limit valve, injector connector tubes, fuel pressure control solenoid and injectors to hold leakage and allow the pressure to build. A fuel supply side restriction will also cause low rail pressure. If the connector… Read more »

CP3 Pump and Common Rail Injector Testing

Bosch EPS 205 CR Injector Test Stand

Common Rail Injector and Bosch CP3 Pump Testing Oregon Fuel Injection is factory authorized by Bosch for Common Rail Injection Pump repair and testing and common rail injector testing. Bosch CP3 high pressure injection pumps and common rail injectors are tested to the OEM specification. We test the pumps and injectors from the following applications…. Read more »

Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome to the OFI Diesel Blog

We are thrilled to introduce our new website with fresh design and improved online store. We hope that our website is a helpful resource to you for your diesel vehicle. Website Highlights Mobile Friendly Design The new website, including our online store is accessible and user-friendly on any device, whether you are on your computer,… Read more »