Injector Removal Tips

We see quite a few mechanical injector cores come back with damage from improper removal. We realize that many of you do not have the correct tools for removal. However, there are simple ways to remove the injectors without damage.

If the hole type injectors on your engine are installed at an angle, then the spray pattern is offset to match the bowl in the piston.

The proper alignment may be accomplished with a pin or ball for alignment. Some injectors may use a hold down clamp and positioning the return sets the holder for the proper alignment into the engine.

If you are removing these injectors from the engine, they must be pulled or pried straight up. You can use heel bars, like the image below, with an M12 x 1.5 (17 mm hex OD) or M14 x 1.5 (19 mm hex OD) thread pitch nut threaded onto the top of the injector. Some injectors have a center threaded hole, which you can screw in a bolt, which would most likely be metric thread, then pry on the bolt.

It is better to use two heel bars for equal pressure, if possible

24 valve 5.9 Cummins injector removal. These injectors must have the feed tube or connecting tube removed prior to removing the injector. They align into the bore based on the feed tube connection

Do not use the following methods to remove the injectors, unless you don’t want a core credit.

Vise grips or pliers used on the threads
Fuel return nipple pried on and broken. Notice the alignment pin on the side of the injector.
Pry bar damaged return connector outlet
The hold down clamp aligns the injector into the engine. Vise grips or pliers were used to twist the injectors out, and damaged the fuel return connections.
This style of injector uses a hold down nut that is retained on the injector. It will not clear the fuel return if it is unscrewed too far, while the injector is seated in the head. You need to partially unscrew the hold down, then use the nut and heel bar to “unseat” the injector. Then it can easily be removed from the injector bore.


Dave Newton

Good evening. I have 1gen ‘03 6.0 ford I got a set of injectors from somewhere in FL. 4 & 6 not functioning $2000 later. I want to rebuild my stock ones that I kept. Is this something you can do? If so, how much?
Thanks for your time
Dave Newton


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