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Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Services

Oregon Fuel Injection rebuilds injection pumps in our repair facility. We are a factory authorized service dealer for the major fuel injection equipment manufactures worldwide. We provide testing and repairs as well as a large selection of rebuilt injection pumps on the shelf ready to ship. Oregon Fuel Injection uses the latest tools and information provided to us by the original fuel injection equipment (FIE) manufacturer. When a pump leaves our facility, we want it to be better than the original.

We are a factory authorized service dealer for the major fuel injection equipment manufactures worldwide. Our personnel have training certifications dating back to 1982. Factory training from Bosch, Delphi, Stanadyne, Zexel and more.

  • Bosch Diesel Service Dealer and Bosch Diesel Service Center. Factory Authorized Rebuilt Bosch Injection Pumps and Injectors.
  • Stanadyne (Roosa Master) Diesel Service Dealer. Factory Authorized Rebuilt Stanadyne Injection Pumps and Injectors.
  • Delphi Diesel Service Dealer (Lucas CAV). Factory Authorized Rebuilt Delphi Injection Pumps and Injectors.
  • Denso (Nippondenso) Diesel Service Dealer. Factory Authorized Rebuilt Denso Injection Pumps and Injectors.
  • Zexel (Diesel Kiki) Diesel Service Dealer. Factory Authorized Rebuilt Zexel Injection Pumps and Injectors.
  • Ambac (American Bosch) Diesel Service Dealer.
  • Yanmar Fuel Injection Service Dealer. Factory Authorized Rebuilt Yanmar Injection Pumps and Injectors.

Some services we provide are noted below

  • Rebuild and test Bosch Common Rail CP3 injection pumps for Dodge, Duramax, Cummins, Case, New Holland, Iveco, AGCO, Mitsubishi and more.
  • Rebuild and test VP44 and VP30 injection pumps in house for Dodge, Cummins, Perkins, John Deere, New Holland, SISU and Iveco as well as rebuilt units in stock.
  • Rebuilding and testing of Delphi DP210 and DP310 series injection pumps, including setting pump timing.
  • During Rebuilds, Injection Pumps are updated to the latest manufacture’s technical service bulletins to improve longevity, reduce surging, stalling, hard starting, low power and more.
  • All seals and gaskets are replaced, and normal wearing parts are replaced or re-manufactured 100% of the time.
  • Other “hard parts” are examined and replaced as necessary (we want it to last well beyond the warranty period).

ADS Certified technicians since 1974

Oregon Fuel Injection has been doing factory authorized diesel fuel injection repair service since 1974. We have been a member of the Association of Diesel Specialists (ADS) for over 48 years and employ factory trained and certified technicians. We are committed to providing the best possible service and the best rebuilt pump coverage in the marketplace.

Not only that, but we have 10 different test stands for testing Inline, Rotary, PT and Common Rail CP3 Pumps.

Bosch EPS 815 Test Stand CP3 Testing
Bosch EPS815 Test Stand for Common Rail
Bosch EPS815 Test Stand for VP30, VP44 and Inline Injection Pumps
Hartridge AVMPC-2 Test Stand for testing inline, and rotary pumps.

AVMPC-2 Test Stand with DP310 Pump, for testing inline and rotary injection pumps.

Hartridge HA400 Test Stand, with DB2 model pump, for testing rotary pumps.

Hartridge HA123 Test Stand, for testing Cummins PT Pumps.

Bacharach Specialist 10 and 8010 with Hartridge AVM for testing inline and rotary pumps.

Send Your Fuel Injection Pump in for Service

Contact us if you cannot find your injection pump on our online store or are unsure for any reason.
In order to make sure we have the correct injection pump for you, please contact us with the model number and customer part number off of your injection pump, as well as the engine and equipment information. We will check availability and contact you with price and availability.

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