Diesel Repair Shop Eugene

Whether you need a simple repair, fuel filter change below, and, diesel fuel system diagnostics or performance upgrade, our drive-in repair facility is your resource for repair and technical service for your diesel vehicle. Because we have a complete fuel injection repair shop and automotive diesel repair shop in the same facility, we are able to perform diagnostics and testing of fuel system components in a timely manner for complete and correct repairs the first time.

Diesel Vehicles We Service

  • Dodge RAM Cummins pickups and EcoDiesel vehicles
  • Ford IDI 6.9, 7.3 & Powerstroke 7.3, 6.0, 4.5, 6.4, 6.7 pickups, vans, and LCF
  • GMC, Chevrolet Diesel and Duramax 6.6 L or 2.8 L, 6.5 L and 6.2 L IDI
  • Sprinter Diesel vans 2001 – 2009
  • Ford, GM, Dodge, and RAM computer reprogramming (re-flash, update)

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Please make an appointment with us before you bring your vehicle in. Our goal is to assist you in obtaining optimum performance and to complete repairs as soon as possible. Call 541-485-1434 to schedule your repair or fill out the form below, and we will contact you as soon as we can.

Diesel Maintenance Services

We provide competitively priced maintenance services to keep your diesel vehicle operating reliably, as it should.

  • Fuel filter changes using OEM filters
  • Oil and filter changes using Delo 15w-40, Motorcraft oils, or synthetic oil as per manufacture recommendation.  Amsoil Synthetic oils are available on request.
  • Automatic transmission service
  • Differential service
  • Transfer case service
  • Valve lash adjustment
  • Serpentine belt replacement
  • Timing belt service

Diesel Pickup Fuel Filter Changes

We use original equipment (OEM) fuel filters for fuel filter changes. We recommend changing the fuel filter(s) every 7,500 – 10,000 miles.

Many major brand aftermarket fuel filters do not have the same micron rating as the OE filter. The larger the micron rating; the larger the contaminate size that enters the fuel system. If the OE spec is 5 microns, we don’t use a 14 micron filter for Ford Powerstroke. If the OEM specification is 2 microns, we don’t use a 5 micron filter for Duramax. Excess fuel system wear results from particles too large passing through the fuel filter.

The following prices are for OEM filter changes. Prices may increase if you have additional filters or non-original filters.

1989 – 20075.9 L Dodge Cummins Fuel Filter Change$70.00
2007.5 – 20096.7 L Dodge Cummins Fuel Filter Cartridge Change$105.00
2010 – 20226.7 L Dodge Ram Cummins Fuel filter Change (engine mounted filter) Nanonet technology filter$179.00
2013 – 20186.7 L Dodge Ram Cummins frame mounted fuel filter$114.50
2019-20226.7 L Dodge Ram Cummins frame mounted fuel filter$105.00
1989 – 19947.3 L IDI Fuel Filter Change$90.00
1994 – 20037.3 L Powerstroke Fuel Filter Change$72.50
2003 – 20076.0 L Powerstroke PU Fuel Filter Change, both filters$139.50
2004 – 20106.0 L Powerstroke Van Fuel Filter Change, both filters$152.00
2008 – 20106.4 L Powerstroke PU Fuel Filter Change, both filters$160.00
2011 – 20226.7L Powerstroke PU Fuel Filter Change, both filters$185.00
1992 – 20006.5 L PU Fuel Filter Change$79.00
2001 – 20066.6 L Duramax PU Fuel Filter Change$96.00
2006 – 20116.6 L Duramax Van Fuel Filter Change$139.00
2007 – 20166.6 L Duramax PU Fuel Filter Change (2012-2014 Van)$113.50
2017 – 20226.6 L Duramax L5P Fuel Filter Change$90.00

Diesel Engine and Fuel System Diagnostics and Repairs

Complete diagnostics prior to repair to pinpoint the drive ability issues and repair them. We commonly perform repairs to solve problems such as hard starting, low power, excessive smoke, misses and rough run. Our employees are factory trained on multiple diesel vehicles and use OEM diagnostic equipment.

We perform a variety of services including fuel system, electrical, transmission and engine repairs.

  • Injection pump testing, repair, and replacement
  • High pressure common rail parts and related sensor replacement
  • Injector testing and repair, Common Rail, HEUI, and mechanical injectors
  • CP3 injection pump testing, repair and replacement
  • CP4 injection pump replacement
  • Diesel injector testing, repair, and replacement
  • Fuel filter and water separator add-on kits
  • Fuel supply pump replacement
  • Fuel supply pump and FASS Performance pump upgrades
  • Timing
  • A/C air conditioning system diagnosis, repair and recharge


  • FICM and IDM replacement
  • FICM programming
  • Glow plug system repair
  • Charging and starting system repair
  • Batteries


  • Clutch and flywheel replacement
  • Performance clutch and flywheel replacement
  • Performance automatic transmission torque converter installation and upgrades
  • Performance automatic transmission installation

Engine and General Repair

  • Head gasket replacement
  • High pressure oil pump replacement
  • Engine repair, rebuild, and or replacement
  • Turbocharger repair, performance upgrade, and replacement
  • Vacuum pump replacement
  • Water pump replacement

Performance Upgrades

Our diesel performance upgrade services include everything from cold air intake, exhaust system, tuning, and gauge installation to full on performance diesel engine builds and engine swaps.

  • S&B cold air intake kit installation
  • Airbag installation
  • MBRP exhaust system installation
  • Pacbrake and BD exhaust brake installation
  • FASS Fuel Supply pump (lift pump) kit installation
  • Gale Banks Engineering kit installation
  • Isspro and Edge Insight gauge kit installation,
  • ARP Head studs installation
  • Performance chip, tuner, and box installation (Edge, Superchips, Smarty, BD, EFI Live, Banks)
  • Performance injection pump and injector installation
  • Performance intercooler installation
  • Performance turbo and twin turbo kit installation
  • Steering and suspension upgrades
  • Transmission coolers
  • High Performance engine builds

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Contact us at Oregon Fuel Injection to learn more about our drive-in services or to make an appointment. We look forward to assisting you as your one-stop diesel shop.