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A failing fuel pressure relief valve

97371618 Fuel pressure relief valve Duramax LBZ & LMM, also Dodge Ram Cummins 6.7 07.5-16

A story of a failing rail pressure relief valve I was towing my boat to the coast for a fishing trip. The engine was running good, until I was on an uphill passing lane going around slower traffic. By the end of the passing lane, I had lost power and was down to 50 mph…. Read more »

Rail Pressure Sensor, Don’t Replace the Messenger

Diesel Rail Pressure Sensor

 The high pressure pump creates high pressure at low volume. Depending on the system, it is up to the high pressure limit valve, injector connector tubes, fuel pressure control solenoid and injectors to hold leakage and allow the pressure to build. A fuel supply side restriction will also cause low rail pressure. If the connector… Read more »