Nameplate and Model Number Tags

We are a factory authorized Fuel Injection Equipment repair facility. We do not have complete VIN or s/n look up for every manufacture. Some manufactures part number catalogs are inaccurate, often leaving out s/n breaks or other information. It is best if you get the part numbers off the pump or injectors that are on your engine.

Bosch, Zexel or Denso Injection Pump Model Number Tags

Bosch pump name tag

We need the “0 402 036 725” 10 digit number

The 10 digit part number is 0470506015

Bosch Governor; The name tag is at the back of the governor, if you can’t get the numbers off the side of the injection pump then we need all the numbers off of the governor tag.

Zexel inline pump tag; Located on the side of the injection pump. We need the “101481-0163” number. If in doubt, note both numbers before you call or email.

PFR style pumps

Record the numbers on the nameplate or that are stamped into the side of the injection pump.

Stanadyne and Delphi Injection Pump Tags

Record the Model number and the customer part number.

Record the Model number and customer part number (see the sample above).

Record the 8920A190W number along with all the other numbers on the tag.

Delphi – Lucas – CAV Set Codes

If your pump has a set code, we will need the information off the nameplate to properly calibrate the injection pump.

Injector Part Numbers

Injectors may only have the type code, not the part number. With all the numbers on the injector, we may be able to identify exactly what you have. Or we may only be able to narrow it down to 5-10 different part numbers. 4 digits, 3 digit and 2 digit alpha-numeric stamping can help identify injectors. Please get all the part numbers off the injectors.