Removed from the Web Catalog

 Every so often we review what we have in our online web catalog. Some following items or manufacture lines have been removed. We still sell these products however, it no longer makes sense for us to carry them online.

Autometer Gauge Holders, Pillars and Pods. Newer vehicles can use a digital gauge display such as the Edge Insight. It allows more data to be displayed and is less expensive versus gauges and pillars. If you have a vehicle older that 1998, and you would like to install gauges in pillars give us a call.

Isspro Gauges. Gauges such as pyrometer, boost, temperature, fuel pressure,  rail pressure and more. Isspro gauges are still available, just not online. Give us a call, and we will be happy to quote what gauges you need. The Edge Insight provides a digital display replacement for the older mechanical gauges for newer vehicles.

K & N Air Intake Kits and AFE Cold Air Intake Kits; Over the years we have migrated from K & N to AFE to S & B Cold Air Intake Kits. The S & B intake kits are well-made, install quicker than other brands and deliver good performance.