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Pump and Injector Testing Videos

Bosch EPS 205 CR Injector Test Stand

In case you missed the recent videos about testing common rail pumps and injectors, we have attached them here. Common Rail Injector Testing The first video showed testing common rail injectors on the Bosch EPS205 injector test bench. This Bosch authorized test bench checks pilot injection, which is something a lot of aftermarket test benches… Read more »

Delphi DP210 and DP310 Testing and timing

Delphi DP210 and DP310 Testing and setting pump to engine timing

Testing and timing the Delphi DP210 and DP310 injection pumps requires Delphi Hartridge test equipment. The drive shaft has a keyway, but they do not use a key, the pump is locked in time on the test stand. Oregon Fuel Injection, is factory authorized by Delphi, and we use the Hartridge AVMPC-2 test stand. The… Read more »

CP3 Pump and Common Rail Injector Testing

Bosch EPS 205 CR Injector Test Stand

Common Rail Injector and Bosch CP3 Pump Testing Oregon Fuel Injection is a factory authorized service dealer, by Bosch, for Common Rail Injection Pump repair and testing and common rail injector testing. Bosch CP3 high pressure injection pumps and common rail injectors are tested to the OEM specification. We test pumps and injectors from the… Read more »