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Fuel Quantity Solenoid 05-06 Jeep Liberty CRD 2.8

This is a genuine Bosch OEM Fuel quantity solenoid is installed into the high pressure pump.

Also known as high pressure fuel regulator, MPROP, or fuel pressure regulator.

Fits: 2005 and 2006 Jeep Liberty with 2.8 L CRD Diesel engines.

A common CP3 pump related failure is the MPROP, also called a fuel control actuator (FCA), fuel pressure regulator or solenoid. The fuel pressure regulator (FPR) is the metering device, that directs fuel to the pumping plungers for the CP3 injection pump.
If the fuel pressure regulator is sticky, stuck or not working properly, the ECM cannot quickly command the fuel pressure regulator to the correct position to control how much fuel it should be delivering. Or it may cause a surge, excess smoke, or poor throttle response, because it is slow to respond. In most cases, people first know there is an issue when they have a hard start or no start issue because the fuel pressure regulator will not allow the pump to properly build pressure to start. The FPR has probably been delivering less than the desired amount of fueling and is usually a slow death, due to wear, and not an immediate failure.
If you’re experiencing hard start or no start issues, one easy way to confirm whether the FPR is causing the issue is to simply unplug it, thus eliminating any metering. Presuming the truck starts, immediately shut it off as you will have maximum fuel rail pressure, but now you have a potential culprit with the FCA causing the issue. However, on some applications we see a lot of injector issues that cause a hard start / no start, particularly on cold start.

OEM part numbers: 5159962AA, 0928400822, 1465ZS0115

Part Number: 1465ZS0115

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Weight.6 lbs

Part Number1465ZS0115


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