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FASS Adjustable Fuel Lift Pump 95 GPH 08-10 Ford Powerstroke 6.4

FASS Adjustable Fuel Pumps are the most versatile high performance fuel pump on the market. It allows for adjusting fuel pressures to meet the demand of high performance Ford Powerstroke engines.

Built with the same motor used in the Titanium Series pumps, this adjustable fuel pump is rated at 95 gallons of diesel fuel per hour and offers adjustable fuel pressure from 1-75 PSI. This allows the user to customize fuel delivery for race or competition diesel engines.

To aid in proper performance FASS built in a boost compensation port. Air pressure from your intake manifold raises fuel pressures while under full load, maintaining fuel pressure when it matters most.

This pump will support moderate fueling upgrades, up to 600 HP.

FAF16095G 6.4 L Ford Powerstroke FASS Adjustable Fuel Supply Pump Kit 95 gph. Fits 2008, 2009, 2010

Part Number: FAF16095G

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Weight14.0 lbs
Part NumberFAF16095G

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