01-05 6.6 CLUTCH KIT 425 HP

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Product Description

South Bend Clutch Kit for 01-05 Chevy Duramax 6.6 L with 6 speed manual

South Bend Clutch Dyna Max ceramic clutch kits engage your rig with ceramic buttons on each side of the clutch disc. The kits include flywheels and offer modified pressure plates for a higher plate load and smooth clutch engagement. South Bend Clutch Dyna Max ceramic clutch kits fit several high performance diesel rig applications.


  • Stage 2
  • Ceramic Button/Kevlar Clutch disc
  • Flywheel Included
  • Rated up to 425 HP and 800 Ft Lbs
Part Number: SBCSDM0105DFK

Additional information

Weight108.0 lbs

Part NumberSBCSDM0105DFK


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