Warranty FAQ

What is Oregon Fuel Injection’s warranty?

One-year warranty on rebuilt pumps, injectors and turbochargers. Some Bosch common rail injectors and Alliant Power injectors carry a 2-year warranty.
One year workmanship on most performance product installations.
90 days on most electrical and electronic equipment.
Note: Warranties on partial repairs only covers the parts that were replaced or the sub-components that were rebuilt.

Does the installation of performance parts void factory warranties?

No. The performance products we sell and install do not void the original equipment (OE) warranty and after-market parts are not covered by your OE warranty.
However, while we guaranty our workmanship, most part manufactures will not cover failures on modified vehicles, if that modification may have contributed to the part failure. This includes vehicles that have emissions deletes and defeat tuning installed, even if the tuning does not increase the HP of the engine.