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4036 W. 1st AVE
Eugene, OR 97402
Normal Hours
M-F 7:30 - 5:00 Pacific Time

Member; Association of Diesel Specialists, ADS
ADS Member Since 1974
Oregon Fuel Injection Inc, Auto Repair & Service, Eugene, OR
oregon fuel injection
Oregon Fuel Injection specializes in Diesel Performance Products, Rebuilt Diesel Injection Pumps, Injectors and Turbos. Serving the Northwest since 1974.  Member:  Association of Diesel Specialist
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We have moved to our new location in Eugene, our new address is 4036 West 1st Ave. Eugene, OR 97402


Racor manufactures diesel and gasoline fuel filters and fuel water separators for bus, truck, marine, motor home, industrial applications as well as OEM application fuel filters. Racor also manufactures drinking water filters, hydraulic filters, fluid transfer and recycling systems and fuel conditioners.

Racor Fuel Filter Water Separator Units and Racor Fuel Filter Elements

All Racor filter units feature a spin-on replaceable filter element and contaminate collection bowl. These Racor units may also be purchased with an in-bowl water probe or a fuel heater.

High-capacity fuel filter elements are available in 2, 10, and 30 micron ratings.

Racor replacement fuel filter elements are color coded for easy identification, Brown = 2 micron, Blue = 10 micron, Red = 30 micron.

Part numbers with a letter to designate micron rating, S = 2 micron (secondary), T = 10 micron, P = 30 micron (primary)

Racor fuel filter Racor water separator Racor spin-on fuel filter water separator
Racor Fuel Filters Racor Spin-On 320 Series Racor Spin-On 445 Series

Racor Spin-on Diesel Fuel Filter Price

Racor Fuel Filter Water Separator; Turbine Series

Racor Turbine Series fuel filter water separators protect fuel systems in a patented three stage process.

The first stage is accomplished through separation, the turbine removes 30% of solid and water contamination through centrifugal action.

Coalescing is the second stage where smaller water droplets and solids coalesce on the baffle and fall to the collection bowl.

The third and final stage is filtration where near 100% of water separation and contaminates are removed through Racor's water repelling filter media.

Filter elements are color coded for easy identification, Brown = 2 micron, Blue = 10 micron, Red = 30 micron.

Racor Turbine series filter Racor Marine dual filter Racor marine filter
Racor Turbine 500 Series Racor Turbine 900 Series Racor Turbine 1000 Series

Racor Turbine Series Fuel Filter Price

Racor Fuel Filter Water Separator; Marine Gasoline Inboard & Outboard Units

Racor manufactures OEM replacement fuel filters and additional fuel filter assemblies to protect the engine on your inboard or outboard engine.

Racor offers in-line fuel filters as well as spin-on fuel filters for these applications.

Racor also offers OEM replacement fuel filter water separators for MerCruiser, Quicksilver and OMC.

Filter elements are color coded for easy identification, Brown = 2 micron, Blue = 10 micron, Red = 30 micron.

Racor LG50 vent filter Racor marine filters Racor marine filtration
Racor Marine LG50 Racor Marine 320R Series Racor Marine Filtration

Racor Marine Fuel Filter Price

Racor Fuel Additives

Racor produces diesel fuel and diesel biocide additives. -- As of 3/2013 Racor has discontinued the biocide additive. We are now stocking the BioBor JF biocide

 BioborJF® was specially formulated and introduced in 1965 to one of the harshest and most safety-conscious industries in the world, the commercial and military jet aircraft industry. For over 45 years BioborJF® has maintained and even enhanced its position as the worldwide leader in the disinfection of microbial growth in both jet engines and jet fuel storage tanks, in addition to the marine diesel work boat and pleasure boat markets.

BioborJF® biocide additive has expanded its user base to include railroads, marine applications, standby power generators, construction equipment, bulk blending, bulk storage, petrochemicals, home heating oil, diesel trucking and RV’s–solving fuel problems for consumers worldwide.

biobor jf bicocide additive  
BioBor JF Biocide Additive  

Racor Additive Price

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