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4036 W. 1st AVE
Eugene, OR 97402
Normal Hours
M-F 7:30 - 5:00 Pacific Time

Member; Association of Diesel Specialists, ADS
ADS Member Since 1974
Oregon Fuel Injection Inc, Auto Repair & Service, Eugene, OR
oregon fuel injection
Oregon Fuel Injection specializes in Diesel Performance Products, Rebuilt Diesel Injection Pumps, Injectors and Turbos. Serving the Northwest since 1974.  Member:  Association of Diesel Specialist
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We have moved to our new location in Eugene, our new address is 4036 West 1st Ave. Eugene, OR 97402


r3607g egt guage isspro egt guage pyrometer
R3607GR Pyrometer R3607VWR Pyrometer R3707G Pyrometer
manifold pressure guage isspro boost guage turbo boost guage
R5610R Boost Gauge R5611R Boost Gauge R5613R Boost Gauge
isspro manifold guage transmission temp guage
R6813 Boost Gauge R5659R Temperature Gauge R5654R Temperature Gauge
R14022 egt gauge Rail Pressure gauge Fuel Pressure Gauge
R14022 EGT GaugeEV2 R14288 Fuel Rail Pressure Gauge EV2 R17044 Fuel Pressure Gauge EV2
high pressure oil pump gauge    
R17255 High Pressure Oil Pump Pressure EV2

What is the difference between ISSPRO's EV Series and the new EV² gauges?
EV² is ISSPRO's new standalone stepper motor gauge series. The EV series is ISSPRO's economy line of air core gauges. There are a number of advantages to the EV² versus the EV series gauges. They are similar in appearance (available in the same general styles), but EV series uses curved lenses.

The EV series uses a separate "amplifier box" near the gauge head, so you need to find a mounting spot for it. The amplifier box for a pyrometer measures about 2.3" x 2.3" x 1.6", and for a temperature gauge it measures about 2.75" x 2.4" x 0.88". The EV series is an air core gauge movement, basically a set of electric windings, with electronics in the amplifier box to drive them. They also use conventional incandescent bulbs for lighting, although we offer LED replacement bulbs in a variety of colors so you are able to change the backlighting colors. The EV series does include mechanical boost and other pressure gauges. These are typically lower cost than electronic gauges, but require running tubing into the cab. In the case of a fuel pressure gauge, it requires the use of an isolator to keep fuel out of the cab.

The EV² Series is completely "standalone", no amplifier box needed. They utilize stepper motor movements for precision, and LED backlighting for brightness and durability. Both of these technologies allow the gauge to operate at a very low current draw (less than 0.1 Amp with lights at full brightness). Also, the backlighting is powered by the main ignition input, without drawing any measurable current from the dimmer circuit of the vehicle, so there is no worry about overloading the factory dimmer.


Gauge kits below with gauge part number listed in "kit consists of". To change pyrometer options, select kit, then select pyrometer option.

To order Gauge kits click on ISSPRO GAUGE KITS PRICE SHEET

EV Air Core Pyrometer Installation Instruction
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EV Electrical Gauge Installation Instruction
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